eCom Elites Review – Is Franklin Hatchett’s Course Good?

Ecom Elites is an online ecommerce course that was created by Frank Hatchett. Many individuals think Frank’s course is the best ecommerce education course on the market today. In our complete Ecom Elites review we will take a look at the history of the founder, the modules within the course, and talk about who this course is perfect for.

Ecom Elites Course Review: 9/10

If you are just looking for a quick review of Ecom Elites by Franklin Hatchett then you can read the quick review below:

Ecom Elites is the ultimate ecommerce course that will teach you everything you need to take your ecommerce business to the next level. If you are a beginner or an experienced marketer, you will learn a lot about scaling your ecommerce store from this course!

About Ecom Elites

Ecom Elites is online educational course that was created by Franklin Hatchett in 2018. The course was designed to help beginners as well as experienced marketers to grow and scale their ecom business. The course will talk about the best ways to grow an online commerce business that ranges from setting up your website on Shopify, social media marketing, email marketing, sourcing ecommerce products, everything you need to know about dropshipping, and more.

Who Is Franklin Hatchett

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Franklin Hatchett is a digital entreprenur and ecommerce guru who has grown in popularity on social media because of his success in dropshipping. Frank owns multiple dropshipping websites and ecommerce stores that range from selling beauty products to outdoors equipment. 

Frank began growing a large social media following after posting about his ecommerce success. Frank has nearly 400,000 Youtube subscribers and hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram and Twitter. Frank’s self-brand has helped to grow the success of his ecom course Ecom Elites.

How Much Does Ecom Elites Cost?

Unlike some other online courses such as Learn Plan Profit, Ecom Elites offers two different pricing packages. The standard pricing package is $197 which includes with the Ecom Elite course, access to a private inner circle group, and weekly Q&A sessions with Frank and his team.

The second pricing package is the Ultimate Package which includes everything in the Standard Package but also comes with access to Frank’s sales funnel academy, Google Shopping course, top ecom products and niches ebook, as well as a sales funnel template. The Ultimate Ecom Elites package costs $297 and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Ecom Elites Course Curriculum

The Ecom Elites course is made up of 9 modules which will take you from complete beginner to ecommerce expert. It will teach you how to source your products, set up your website, designing your website, setting up your Facebook ads, creating email marketing flows, generating email flows, as well as multiple other modules.

ecom elites modules

Ecom Elites Review - Topics Covered

Below are all of the topics covered in the Ecom Elites course:

  • Module #1 – Setting Up Your Ecom Website
  • Module #2 – Sourcing Ecom Products
  • Module #3 – Setting Up Facebook Ads
  • Module #4 – Instagram Traffic
  • Module #5 – Creating Email Marketing Flows
  • Module #6 – Creating A Customer Chatbot
  • Module #7 – Creating A Profitable Sales Funnel
  • Module #8 – Expanding To Google Shopping Ads
  • Module #9 – Generating Organic SEO Traffic
  • Module #10 – Bonus Content: Ecom Upsell Training

Ecom Elites Review - Course Quality: 9/10

During our Ecom Elites review we were incredibly satisfied with how high quality the content was. This is the ultimate ecommerce course that will take you from 0-100 so that you become an expert in creating ecommerce websites. The first few modules in Ecom Elites will teach you how to set up and design your website as well as source the products in which you will sell. The next modules will teach you how to generate traffic to your website from social media ads, Google shopping ads, and organic search.

Ecom Elites Review - Value For The Money: 10/10

Franklin Hatchett’s Ecom Elite course is an incredible value for the money. Frank offers two different pricing packages that range from $197 to $297 which means no matter what your budget is then you will have an option for you. Many ecommerce course can cost upwards to $2,000 but Frank’s course is the perfect course for individuals who want to create their first ecommerce store.

Ecom Elites Final Verdict

Ecom Elites is a high quality course that will teach you everything you need to know about starting an ecommerce store. You will learn how to design your first website, source your products, and generate traffic to that website. You will also receive access to Q&A sessions and a private group with Frank and other ecommerce store owners. The value for the money for this course is incredible, we highly recommend Ecom Elites for those who are looking to start and grow their first ecommerce store.

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