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Print Profits is a print on demand course that teaches how to print and sell products. It was created by Michael Shih, who has been in the print industry for over 15 years. The course covers everything from how to find products to print and sell, how to design them, where you can get your own printer, what type of printer you need, and more. In this Print Profits review we will help you decide if this is a good course for you.

print profits reviews

What Is Print Profits?

Print Profits is a print on demand course taught by Michael Shih, the founder of Printful. The content includes everything from how to find products that sell well in print form, design them for print, and even where you can get your own printer. Print Profits will teach you how to start your own online ecommerce store that sells print on demand clothing and products.

Who Is The Founder of Print Profits?

Michael Shih has been designing with print since 2001 so he knows what it takes to be successful as an online print shop owner. He created Print Profits to help other people create their own businesses around printable goods without all the guesswork involved. This review will cover some pros and cons about taking his course which may make your decision easier for whether or not Print Profits is right for you!

Michael Shih has been in the print on demand industry for over 20 years. He takes this expertise of the print industry and passes it along to you. He walks you through the process of how to start an ecommerce print shop from scratch.

He has a huge following on social media, with over 100,000 followers on Instagram alone! He is also very active and responds quickly to all questions that come his way. This proves that Michael cares about the success of his students.

History of Print Profits

Michael Shih created the Print Profits course in 2018 and this continues to be one of the most popular print on demand courses in the world. Print Profits has been featured on print industry websites, such as and Forbes.

Michael is a big supporter of the print on demand community, he often attends trade shows to talk about his new course or how print can help your business succeed! He also spends hours posting helpful content for you to read online.

Print profits was created in response to Michael’s passion for helping entrepreneurs make money with their own print shop by providing them with resources that would allow them to do just that. The goal of this review will be explaining or answering any questions regarding the history behind Print Profits and its creator Michael Shih, who is most active in social media promoting his work and engaging with followers daily.

Benefits of Print Profits

There are many benefits of the Print Profits course. One of which is print profits will provide you with a print business that can make an unlimited amount of money. For example, if your print shop sells 500 items one day and the price for each item at $100 this equals to a profit of $50k for just one single day!

Print Profits also provides you with access to all things print – from how to start up your own print shop and what it takes in order to get there, as well as teaching the basics on how printing works so any individual can be successful in their print ventures.

The biggest benefit of Print Profits is it will teach you step by step how to start an online print on demand business. This will teach you how to set up your website, how to pick a product, how to ship the products, and everything else you need to know.

Print Profits Review: Pricing

Print Profits comes at a price. Print Profits costs $997 with no monthly payment options, which is quite expensive for some print shop owners who are just starting out and don’t have much to invest in their print business. The pricing may be an issue if one print shop owner has several employees that need the training as well – it could get very pricey quickly!

Michael Shih will occasionally offer Print Profits at a discounted price and has recently allowed customers to pay for the course over monthly installments. This makes it more affordable for individuals who have less capital to invest in a training program.

Who Is Print Profits Good For?

Print Profits is a print training course that should be taken by print shop owners who are in the process of starting up their business or have been running one for some time and want to expand. It’s not recommended for people who don’t know anything about print, as the program can be very advanced – even more so than basic graphic design programs like Photoshop.

The Print Profits has two levels: Basic Training & Advanced Training. If you’re just getting started with print, it would make sense to start with Basic Training (at $497), but if you’ve had experience printing before and want to take your print skills beyond traditional methods then go ahead and sign up at full price ($997).

Print Profits will teach you the basics and will even teach you the most advanced tactics available. This means this course is great for beginners who have the capital to invest into the training program and it is also great for individuals who already have experience in the print industry who want to take their business to the next level.

Print Profits Review: Final Verdict

Print Profits is a print marketing course that teaches you how to grow your print business and make more money. Michael Shih, the founder of Print Profits has over 20 years experience in print design & production industry. The benefits of this product is that it provides clear video tutorials for all aspects of print advertising including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, brochure printing, banner printing and many more with step-by-step instructions on how to execute these techniques correctly. Overall I would recommend this program because the price point is affordable at $497-$997 for all of the information you can learn from this course.

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