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Publish Academy is a platform that offers courses and coaching sessions to help publish books, blogs, podcasts, videos, and other content. It was founded by Anik Singal in 2009. Publish Academy has been featured on CNN Money and Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the top 100 most promising startups in America. This review will discuss what Publish Academy does for you as an entrepreneur or company owner looking to publish content online. In this Publish Academy review we will look at the benefits of the program, the history of it, as well as customer reviews.

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Publish Academy Review

Publish Academy is an online business program that helps individuals make money from the comfort of their own home. Publish Academy helps individuals generate passive income from publishing books, blogs posts or podcasts. Publish academy also provides coaching sessions that teach business skills such as marketing and branding so individuals can create their own businesses without having any outside help like traditional education programs. This publish academy review discusses the benefits of this program for those looking to make money off their work while staying at home with family members instead of commuting or working long hours away from them – which may not be feasible if you’re an entrepreneur in other industries.

Anik Singal – Founder of Publish Academy

The founder of Publish Academy is Anik Singal who is a well known digital marketer and guru. Anik has over two million followers on social media and claims to have trained over 150,000 students through his courses and mentorship programs. Anik is known for founding the Publish Academy and is own of the leading mentors in the online digital publishing industry. His services range from brand marketing mentorship to personal brand creation, but he is most well known for helping individuals create online books and creating a digital publishing business.

Publish Academy was one of Anik Singals first popular business ventures but he has also a well known author who has written well known books such as “The Circle of Profit”, “From Passion to Profit”, and “The Email Lifeline”. His books have sold millions of dollars worth of product and he has proven that he knowns what he is talking about when it comes to building an online publishing or ebook business. Let’s jump into the Publish Academy Review.

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History of Publish Academy

Publish Academy was created in 2009 by Anik Singal who is an established digital marketer who has been featured in many authoritative editorial website such as Forbes and CNN. The first few years of Publish Academy were spent creating a large content library to be used in the membership site. This was an important decision because it ensured that long after Anik had finished his courses and moved on, there would still be fresh new content created by other successful marketers available for members.

In 2011, the accompanying blog posts to each tutorial were added as well. The reasoning behind this is explained later under ‘Benefits’. Another mindset shift made during these early stages was how they would build their own personal brand: instead of simply “Anik Singal” being synonymous with Publish Academy alone, there is user generated content for everyone to learn from.

Publish Academy is filled with in-depth articles, videos, case studies, interviews, and more to help you learn.

Benefits of Publish Academy

The advantages of Publish Academy are numerous.

– It is completely geared towards success for marketers, and not just in terms of monetary gain: the blog posts publish at a regular basis about new strategies to grow your business from both an offline perspective (e.g., speaking engagements) and an online one too (e.g., social media marketing).

– The courses have been tailored over time with feedback from the members utilizing them, so they’re relevant and up to date because it ensures that long after Anik had finished his courses and moved on there would still be fresh new content created by other successful marketers available for members as well; this also prevents Publish Academy being stagnant or stale if you only ever work through the first few modules.

-The content is created by a professional marketer but is also filled with likeminded individuals who will share their stories and help you along the process.

Publish Academy Pricing

Publish Academy is affordable and like I said, its not all theory. You are given everything you need to publish your book on day one without needing any outside help or guidance which can save people a ton of money in the long-run. The total price for the program is $797 but this can be broken down into multiple different pricing structures so the total amount isn’t due at once.

Who Is Publish Academy Good For?

Publish Academy is great for someone who wants to publish their own book but doesn’t want the headache of doing it on their own. It’s also good if you are just starting out and don’t know much about writing a publishable book that will sell copies.

– The customer reviews were really positive because they appreciated how user friendly Publish Academy was as well as how affordable it was!

-Some people had some issues with not seeing results right away, but in all actuality this program can take years before you see them so its important to be patient and work through the system thoroughly which many other customers did successfully.

Publish Academy Review: Final Verdict

The final verdict of Publish Academy is that it is a high quality program that provides great content for those who are looking to start a business in the digital publishing space. It is affordable and easy to use. The customer reviews were very positive for this program, with many people appreciating the user friendliness of it as well as how great a value it was!

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